Friday Favorites

Curious about some of my favorite things and activities lately? Here are things I've been digging for the last few weeks.

How to Survive the Holidays While Breastfeeding

The holidays can be full of joy: making memories with loved ones, first meetings between baby and family members, and the joy in being surrounded by family. Oftentimes those joyful moments can be overshadowed by the stress of travel, planning, parties, and family. 

Friday Favorites

Time for another list of my Friday Favorites! The weeks have gone by very quickly and I can't believe that Thanksgiving will be here next week. Then come the holidays and a whole new year! This week's picks feature lace, red lips, and more.

Keep It Simple, Sister

Sometimes the best style is the simplest. I learned this last year when I was getting ready to go out with my husband and some friends. I couldn't figure out what the hell to wear. 

Friday Favorites

Way back when I first started this blog, I would do a Friday Favorites post almost every week. I would write about stuff I really enjoyed that week. I shared info on my favorite apps, books, makeup, shoes, clothes, you name it. I think it's time to start that feature up again, don't you?